Alabama Republican Wants to Create Voluntary ‘Do Not Sell’ List for Guns

By: DJ Parten

As Republicans nationwide call for more gun control, Alabama State Rep. Allen Farley joins in with his plan to create a voluntary “Do Not Sell” list in the Yellowhammer State.

While Farley has not yet released language for his gun control plan, it sounds identical to a bill introduced in 2018 by Republican State Sen. Trip Pittman.

If passed, the law would require the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to create and maintain a database of people who voluntarily ban themselves from purchasing firearms -- as if people need that much government scrutiny in their lives.

To make matters worse, if people on the list changes their mind, they would be forced to wait a minimum of 21 days to be removed from the list and be able to purchase a firearm again.

The bill also requires that anyone, including private citizens, who sells a firearm to someone on the “Do Not Sell” list would be fined up to $5,000.

This taxpayer-funded database is being billed as a “gun safety” measure, but it is really the first step toward creating a government database of all gun owners in Alabama.

It isn’t really a surprise that Allen Farley is peddling gun control in Montgomery.

In the past, Farley has introduced legislation to create so-called “gun free” zones and is openly opposed to pro-gun legislation like Constitutional Carry.

In fact, Rep. Farley has played a key role in the demise of pro-gun legislation for years.

This is one Alabama Republican who cannot be trusted by gun owners.

D.J. Parten is executive director of Florida Gun Rights.

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